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A representative will meet you at your property. They will undertake an inspection of the property to ensure it meets the necessary requirements to rent it. They will also collect any further information we have requested from you prior to the visit.

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The representative will provide you with a confirmed rental figure at the end of your appointment. If you decide to complete the process with us, the first rent payment will be transferred directly into your bank account within 7 working days, and thereafter each month on a fixed date for the duration of the agreed term. This is subject to satisfactory checks and referencing on the property and landlord.

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  • Instant online rental quote
  • Guaranteed rent directly into your bank
  • No fees or commission
  • Reliable monthly income
  • No void periods
  • No hassle and risk-free
  • Complete separation from tenants
  • No legal costs

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1. How many double bedrooms does your property have?

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Terms & Conditions

In order to provide your Guaranteed Rental figure, the following assumptions have been made about the property:

  • The main supplies are connected
  • The boiler is in working condition
  • The building is fit for human habitation
  • There are no health and safety issues with the property
  • All planning and regulatory conditions have been lawfully met
  • Any necessary third party consents have been obtained
  • The property will be available with vacant possession
  • Suitable buildings and liability insurance is in place

All rental offers are subject to contract and a property inspection by a representative of, or by any person appointed by us. If the state of the property, or any fact differs from the description and information provided which was not obvious when undertaking the online valuation, we reserve the right to adjust the guaranteed rental value. We aim to offer our guaranteed rent contract for all properties we value. If for any reason we are unable to offer a guaranteed rent contract for your property based on circumstances out of our control, we will notify you at the earliest opportunity possible. Your guaranteed rental figure provided will be valid for a period of 28 days. Once a contract has been signed, your rental figure will be guaranteed for the duration of the contract. Please see the terms and conditions.

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Your 3 months rent upfront
will be 3 times the above figure.

*(Payment will be made via bank transfer per calendar month)

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Final Information
What happens at the appointment?

You will meet one of our experienced property experts who will undertake a property inspection, and gather further details in addition to the information you have already provided online.

Is the guaranteed rental figure the payment I will receive?

Your rental figure could go up as well as down! As no two properties are identical there will always be some variation from one property to another. Your initial guaranteed rental figure is based on the basic information you have provided therefore could change.