About Us

GuaranteedLet.com is an online property lettings service, which offers a free and instant online rental quote for all landlords looking for a guaranteed monthly income for years to come.

At GuaranteedLet.com we take on any property. Whether it’s a luxurious high standard home, or a property that has been neglected, our promise is to guarantee the rent to any landlord. We guarantee to make an offer for your property regardless of its location, age or condition. We exchange a huge number of contracts every week, so if you have a property to let, we can guarantee your rent in minutes.

If you want to let your property quickly without any hassle, time-consuming viewings and lengthy negotiations with the tenant, then GuaranteedLet.com is the choice for you. GuaranteedLet.com becomes your professional tenant that many landlords prefer, and you will only deal with us. As the UK’s simplest letting service, we will ensure you receive a fair price and be dealt with in a quick and professional manner. The guaranteed rent amount agreed on completion is paid into your bank account each month, even if the tenant stops paying or vacates.

Let us begin your rental income from the comfort of your home with our free instant online rental valuation. Simply enter the property address you wish to let and get a free, no obligation rent figure in seconds. You can book an appointment immediately with one of our GuaranteedLet.com representatives who will meet you at the property, take the keys from you, and in return pay the rent directly into your bank account. Renting your property does not get easier than GuaranteedLet.com, so find out how much guaranteed rent you can achieve now!