Our Service

There is no catch! GuaranteedLet.com is the UK’s simplest lettings service. We provide an instant online quote to give you a regular monthly income, without you having to take on the stress of being a landlord.


  • Guaranteed rent

    We guarantee the rent into your bank account on a fixed date each month, regardless of the property’s age, size and location, and even if the tenant fails to pay or vacates. Your financial worries are now over.

  • No commission, management fees or hidden charges

    You will make a saving! We do not charge commission for introducing a tenant, and there are no costs involved for contract set up and property management.

  • No void periods

    We will continue to make monthly rent payments to you even if the property is empty, so you do not need to worry about void periods and can secure a regular income.

  • Fast and reliable payments

    We will make your first payment within 7 working days from the date the contract is signed, and thereafter on the same day each month via BACs directly into your chosen bank account. This gives you peace of mind to comfortably meet your expenditure and mortgage commitments.

  • Landlord and tenant separation

    You will not be bothered at any time by tenant demands for repairs and maintenance. We become your professional tenant and you will only ever deal with us throughout the tenancy.

  • Full property management

    We will take on the full management of your property for the duration of your contract. We will undertake regular inspections to ensure your investment remains protected.